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A team of therapeutic healers.

 Live it, love it and breath it!

Massage Elite is a massage and bodywork boutique and we love what we do.  As a small team of skilled therapists working side by side, we aspire for the holistic lifestyle: a place where work, life & inspiration are all equal and integrated organically.


Our goal is to promote self care and heightened physical awareness.  Educating clients through palpation, massage and muscle manipulation.  Thus, providing bodywork that is relaxing, as well as therapeutically driven.  We sculpt with the knowledge that massage is cumulative and rehabilitative, while educating our clients towards homeostasis!

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Top Talent

Our therapists have an average of ten (10) years of experience.

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More Modalities

Most people don't know there are dozens of massage modalities.

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Customized Massage

The best massage will be customized to the customer and actual incorporate multiple different modalities

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Quality over quantity

We are focused strictly on body work. This focus allows are team to provide premium massage services.

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Where massage enthusiasts come for bodywork!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Massage?

    Aside from the advantages of taking time for relaxation, massage actually benefits you in many other ways. Studies have shown the physical and mental results of one session, as well as ongoing programs.

    Some of those benefits include relieving stress and headaches, strengthening your immune system, improving circulation and posture, lowering blood pressure, increasing flexibility and range of motion, enhancing rehabilitation, and more.